My new site features ‘header’ images by some of the worlds top Motorsport Photographers. I would like to pass on my thanks for usage.

First off, the artist formally known by one name! Linhbergh is a fantastic photographer. Pretty much self taught, like me, he was one of the founding members of and always creates exceptional photography. Now in demand by OEM’s, this lead image is of the Ford Mustang RTR-X I designed with Vaughn Gittin Jr.  Shot on one of the infield (inside turn 3/4 I suspect) roads at Road Atlanta.


This cropped image by John Brooks is of the WRT Battlefield 4 Audi R8 LMS entering the Karoussel at the Nürburgring Nordschleife. John has decades of experience which shows time and time again in his amazing shots. What ‘Brooksie’ doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing. Make sure you check out his blog.


This stunning image is by GF Williams and features the Team Lark McLaren F1 GTR which dominated the Japanese Super GT championship in 1996, the only time a non Japanese car has won the championship.

This was one of the hardest liveries to nail back in the day. Lark, a sister brand of Marlboro also featured Red and White packaging, but that colour combination would confuse brands on a McLaren so a unique look was sought!

HomePage_Header_TMR Larry Chen is a droid! Only a droid could deal with working so hard and all the travelling which Larry does, one week in Japan, then back home to the US, then to Europe, probably Spa, before another week in the US and then off somewhere else. Larry doesn’t let opportunities pass its by and is one of the fastest moving things on a Formula Drift Start line has he sets up cameras ahead of a run, just as he has done above with the Tyler McQuarrie Racing Chevrolet Camaro.

Larry will have mounted an expensive camera on the front of the following car to get that one cracking shot.

….and boy, was it worth it!

This final image is of Abdualaziz Turki Al Faisal in the 2012/3 Porsche GT3 Middle East Challenge. I have created a number of liveries for the Saudi Falcons team, but this Chrome Blue variant is one of my favourites. Red Bull insisted they had to remain on their solid Blue (we will ignore the purple hue on the current F1 cars), but it allows us to create some nice contrasts.

This image was captured by top Middle East photographer, Abdullah Al Rodhan for  Crank and Piston are one of the up and coming news sits which has a great balance of new cars, classics and car culture all rolled into one.

The remaining header images are my own creations.

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