March 2020 update

As with any freelancer in any industry, this is going to be a challenging time. If you are in a position to help any freelancer or local business, please do. The local shops and businesses are going to need your support, now, and after the virus passes.

The big companies and banks will largely survive. In many countries, the offers for self-employed are non existent, minimal or only available if you close your business down.

Time will tell how we, as a famiy, do, we currently have our health which is the main thing and Canada seems to be relatively pro-active on action plans.

My 2020 didn’t start well as I injured my back and shoulder through work (!) and bast posture over the years which wrote off most of February with countless tripes to the Chiropractor and Massage specialists. Just as I’m getting back to full time COVID-19 kicks in, so I’m on the back foot.

I would therefore like a refund on my 2020 experience please. It was not as described 😉

Many of my clients have been awesome, both while I was out of action with my back and now, chasing invoicing.

So, the realities, Racing has been posponed. This has a knock on effect on current work, but also future projects as teams struggle to survive.

Time to diversify.

eSports vehicle skins

previously worked for Electronic Arts and was the Vehicle Styling Craft Director for Need for Speed franchise. I have design 000s of skins in this time and art directed thousands more with other members of the team. The Nissan 370Z above is one such example.

As I have received requests from a few clients, I will now be providing skins for race teams and series, primarily for iRacing and RFactor2 racing games. While I’m learning the individual processes for each, the principles are the same for designing real world liveries and back in my Need for Speed and Simraceway (RFactor1 based) days.

I created my first iRacing skin last week for long term client, Turner Motorsports, adapting my blue and yellow Turner Motorsport livery on the BMW M8 GTE.

I didn’t even have iRacing at the time (now up and running), so I created this skin partly blind, sending work in progress art to their driver and sim ace, Robby Foley, who would then send back screenshots!

If I can assist your team, sponsor or series, please do not hesitate to contact me.


For all you kids out there – #ColourRaceCars #StayInColourIn

As a parent, very aware kids get bored! So a few of us designers have been releasing colouring artwork for kids, young and old to have fun with. Art is being released all the time, so please hop on social media (Twitter appears to be the main source) with these hashtags….

#StayinColourIn #ColourRaceCars

…. and have some fun! You can download these images from this page.

Other plans:-

I will be updating this website with previous designs to bring the folio up to date!

Sister site, had a IMSA Porsche GT3 Cup USA Spotter Guide released just as COVID-19 took over motorsport in North America. I also have an Formula One guide to release which will go up soon. Obviously not a priority.

Stay safe, Stay in and look after you and your loved ones.

THANK YOU to all the health industry workers, including my better half, and shop workers who are working hard and taking risks during this time.

I hope people remember this once the virus has passed and remember those companies who tried to screw the less fortunate.