MOMO Morgan three-wheeler

I was commissioned by Henrique Cisneros of MOMO Motorsport back in 2014 to create a roadcar livery for a special Morgan three wheeler. Unlike previous MOMO products, branding was to be minimal as it would be for show and road use and the base color would be a chrome blue.


Morgan were most helpful with their design team supplying their logos and scale line drawings to ensure everything was accurate. As you can see the design from the outside was based upon a retro chrome strip graphic on the Blue chrome base, with some designs being integrated into the exhaust position.


The final design replicated the iconic MOMO arrows on the hood which runs along the centreline of the car and back round the side with minimal branding.news_momo_3

The #30 is an iconic race number associated with MOMO from the Porsche 935 IMSA GTP and Ferrari 333SP LMP from years gone by.

Bringing this to life is a very hard process. Aside from a wrap, you need one of the top Chrome paint shops to pull this off. MOMO used Insane Paint in Michigan who are well known perfectionists.

RED STOP Productions produced this cool video of the paint process. If you look closely you can just see a glimpse of the final design sheet.

Morgan Motor Company
MOMO Motorsport
Insane Paint