Skills: Livery Design, Vehicle Styling, Video Games

Styling, Livery: Ford Mustang RTR-X Part 2: SEMA 2010 & Beyond

Client: Electronic Arts/Vaughn Gittin Jr

In Part 1 of the Mustang RTR-X project, I covered the design and build of this one-off car. Now time to show the final car off. I have to say I’m very proud of this design and is a testiment to how well myself and Vaughn worked together. We were on the same page for pretty much everything, so it was a fantastic experience.

The RTR-X was unvieled to the masses at the 2010 SEMA Show, early on Opening Day. It was scheduled to take place at 9.30, just half an hour after the doors opening, along side, on the Ford stand was Ford’s own press conference. Even while we were waiting there was a bigger crowd around our car than the rest of the Ford Stand.

It was a fantastic moment to witness, one which will live with me for ever. Thankfully the car was well received, and by keeping a build blog on Speedhunters, many people already knew about it and in some way felt part of the project as we had solicited comments and feedback during stages of the project.

Will Roegge created a great video on the making of the RTR-X

while Will, Skylar Smith and DC Chavez produced this cool action sequence for Electronic Arts featuring the 2012 Ford Mustang RTR and the RTR-X

The car recieved extensive exposure on all the main car websites including Autoblog, Jalopnik, Speed and AutoGuide which named it the car of the show!

This is some of the team which helped to bring this car from concept to reality including Twins Turbo, Marc DeLong and Art Morrson.

These awesome images from Photographer, Linhbergh Nugyen show the final car off at Road Atlanta. In this show you can see the extended front lip spoiler with the reworked front end with recessed headlamp.
At the rear, the extended lip spoiler along with the wider track and fender flares filled with wide Work wheels gives the car a real agressive presence.
The matra for this car was Form follows function. Everything was done for a purpose. This cool Maier rear suspension  was picked out the the ‘Rocket’ Green in a mass of Graphite and is visible through the rear window.
Paint wise, the car is full of contrasts to the bright and dark green on the wheels and brake calipers….


….to the Matte and Gloss Graphite Grey on the body, picked out by the green.


Another example, the Intakes on the stock Mustang are fake and dont do anything and are actually omitted from the Boss 302 body. I introduced functioning intakes for the rear brakes with a new design which flowed from the character line running along the door. Fabricator, Marc De Long did an amazing job bringing this to reality

The RTR-X is powered by the current Boss 302 engine, at the time the first build with this new unit.
The interior came out amazingly well and follows my design to a tee. Stitchcraft Interiors were one of the last people to get there hands on the car and they have done an exceptional job
Three years on and the car is still turning heads, appearing at Formula Drift events and various Mustang meets. folio_rtrx-sema11

The RTR-X returned for SEMA 2011


Here is the car at the Seattle round of the 2013 Formula Drift Championship. Still popular then!


I also worked with MegaBloks to produce a RTR-X model


and recently HPI released the RTR-X as a very cool RC Car