Skills: Product Design, Graphic Design, Illustration

Interior design: Electronic Arts Canada & McLaren


Client: Electronic Arts Canada/Blackbox Games

Electronic Arts acquired an additional floor to their downtown Vancouver studio in 2010 and I was part of the team tasked with bringing it to life. As a home for the Need for Speed franchise, we wanted to give it a automotive feel with themes from parkade (P0-P9 markings for different areas of the floor) and garages.

folio_nfs_int3I had the fantastic opportunity to create some of this art. Centrepiece as you exited the elevators was a full size Plastic model kit of a car! I designed a ‘sculpture’ which featured a number of parts from a Chevrolet Camaro. These were acquired from scrap yards and restoration companies. All of the bodywork was glass fibre.


The various elements were fixed to the frame from behind and then sprayed a matte white to give it a plastic effect.


When Electronic Arts moved the studio to another location, this was one of the few elements moved. Once again, it was located opposite the elevators for maximum impact as you entered the Need for Speed work-space.


I was also able to work on some other elements for the old EA building. Each office area needed frosted glass, so with my vast library of car illustrations, I created a series of semi-transparent pieces of art to appear on the glass.

It was a full project to work on and was managed fantastically be Elin Anderson.


My concept art also adorned the walls of the new EA Studio in Burnaby.



This wasn’t the only Interior Design I completed, a few years earlier, I had assisted in the design of the new reception at McLaren’s old base in Woking Business Park


I’d also been involved in the layout of the Pit Garages for McLaren in the late 90’s, working with the Truckies to create the most efficient space. One day, I will write a post on all these projects!

I also helped McLaren on some of the early layouts of the race-team for what became the McLaren Technical Centre.