Skills: Livery Design

Livery: TAG Heuer Tommy Milner Helmet


Client: TAG Heuer Eyewear

In early 2013, I was commissioned by TAG Heuer Eyewear to design a new helmet livery for 2012 ALMS GT Champion, Tommy Milner.

I’ve known Tommy for a few years through ‘Need for Speed’ and had talked about working together for a while, so this was a great opportunity. It was also my first opportunity to work with Tyler Cenarrusa of Censport Graphics who would paint these lids.

TAG Heuer produced an awesome video (by DC Chavez) about the makings of the helmet.


I created some rough sketches first, using elements of the TAG Heuer corporate identity and Tommy’s recent helmets, this was reviewed and drove the direction.


Now pen to tablet and I concentrated on a couple of themes. TAG Heuer often use a simple graphic as a background or small logo device which just consists of the shield with no lettering. I developed that working with a fade to create movement.


As you can see the final design a combination of a couple of designs.


Here is the final artwork which was then passed to Tyler Cenarrusa who did an awesome job of creating the design on the helmet.


We collectively went back and forth on the finish but agreed a semi-matte finish would work the best and also give it a high quality professional look.


The helmet was launched at Sebring and it was quite remarkable how much coverage it received. Great for TAG Heuer and great for Tommy Milner.