Successful 2013 Nissan 24 Heures du Mans Spotter Guide

Thank you to everyone who supported and downloaded the Nissan 24 Heures du Mans Spotter Guide during the past couple of weeks.

Despite an attempt of a competitor to produce a rival guide (which ultimately failed to be released!) we broke all records on for total number of downloads in a single day, before AND then during the race, beating our total 2012 downloads before the race and increasing our downloads by 20% at time of publication.

Traditionally we get a large number of downloads after Le Mans, I assume people download the guide as a memento. Not the classic race we hoped and sadly marred by the tragic passing of Allan Simonsen.


Massive thanks to Nissan and our partners RadioLeMans, DailySportscar, l’Endurance, Fourtitude, Jalopnik, Crank and Piston, Speed, Ten-Tenths and Simraceway. Thanks you to the many teams, drivers, sponsors and commentators who helped with producing the guide and them promoting it via social media, articles or race coverage.

If you are a team or sponsor who needs to get your brand into the hands of die-hard race fans, consider sponsoring a Spotter Guide for 2014.

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