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Livery: McLaren F1 GTR Liveries

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I wanted to get my new site up as quick as possible, so this feature will be filled out soon. In the meantime, you can follow an overview covering some of the 14 ‘public’ liveries I produced for the McLaren F1 GTR here at Speedhunters

Sadly, they seemed to have deleted the other part for 1995

folio_mcl_gulf96I worked for TAG McLaren from 1995-1999 and worked for all the divisions of the company including McLaren Cars and it was a great experience. I was head hunted by McLaren after I designed the Gulf GTC and West Competition Liveries at the end of 1994. Once on board, one of my first tasks for 1995 was to design a number of liveries for the McLaren F1 GTR. Some designs never got past the sponsorship proposal stage, but I was extremely lucky to see so many on track.


Gulf Racing – GTC
West Competiton – David Price Racing
Ueno Clinic – Lanzante Motorsport (For McLaren Cars)
San Miguel – GTC


Lark Japan – Team Lark GTR (for McLaren Cars)
’96 GTR Launch car – McLaren Cars
Gulf Racing Test Car Livery – GTC
Gulf Racing Race Livery – GTC
Sal Oppenhemier – David Price Racing
West Competition – David Price Racing
Franck Muller V1 – Giroix Racing Team  (for McLaren Cars)
Franck Muller Le Mans – Giroix Racing Team (for McLaren Cars)
Marlboro – GTC
Lanzante – Lanzante Motorsport

Lark Japan – Team Lark GTR (for McLaren Cars)


1995 BMW Motorsport branding for Le Mans entries
1995 BBC Top Gear Windhield Strip for DPR Harrods McLaren F1 GTR at Le Mans
1996 BMW Motorsport Flag graphic placement and implementation on roof – BMW Motorsport (for McLaren Cars)
1997 Gulf Davidoff Initial Concepts and Consultant – GTC for McLaren Cars
1997 Loctite Le Mans Entry – based off Ueno Clinic Design


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