Skills: Livery Design, Video Games

ESports Sim Racing skins

With Racing posponed world wide due to COVID-19, it was time to expand my horizons and actully revisit an area I worked on in the early 2000s.


For 12 years, I worked for Electronic Arts on various racing games in UK and North America, leading to Need for Speed Franchise Vehicle Styling Director. This consisted of designing many bodykits and also designing and art-directing many in-game liveries.

The last game I worked on had over 1200 pre-set liveries! These images are from Need for Speed titles.

I have also used Project Cars 2 and iRacing to create liveries for sponsorship proposals and hero cards (often before the cars exist!), as seen on this JMW Ferrari and Project 1 Porsche 911 RSR

So, I am assisting with various teams and drivers on a few skins, primarily for iRacing, although I can also work with Project Cars, Assetto Corsa and RFactor2.

Please reach out if I can asssit you and ensure your sponsors retain media coverage during these challenging times.

Some of these skins are available to download. Where this is the case, the title contains a link. These are comissions and it is upto the team, driver and sponsor if these are released.
Some of these liveries are my design (real world or virtual) while others are replicas, often with adjustments due to in-game limitations).

Turner Motorsport – 2020 BMW M8 GTE Liqui Moly Livery (ABD Livery) – iRacing

Carbahn Racing – BMW M8 GTE  (ABD livery) – iRacing

Carbahn Racing – Porsche Cayman GT4  (ABD livery) – iRacing

IMSA/Michelin Risi Competizione – Ferrari 488 GTE (ABD Livery) – iRacing

CrowdStrike Racing – Mercedes AMG GT3 2020 SRO livery (ABD Livery) – iRacing

CrowdStrike Racing – Mercedes AMG GT3 2020 SRO livery (ABD Livery) – Assetto Corsa Conpetizione

Turner Motorsport – Dallara Formula 3 livery (ABD Livery) – iRacing

Global Medical Response/IMSA – Ford GT Livery (ABD Livery) – iRacing

Guy Cosmo – ‘Cosmo Sport’ Ford GT livery (ABD Livery) – iRacing

Ted Sahley – 2020 Global Mazda MX-5 Cup ‘Choice Rewards’ Livery – iRacing

Turner Motorsport – 2020 BMW M8 GTE full season ‘Turner’ Livery (ABD Livery) – iRacing

Turner Motorsport – 2020 BMW M8 GTE ‘TACOS’ Special Edition Livery (ABD Livery) – iRacing

Team Hardpoint Racing – 2020 Global Mazda MX-5 Team Liveries – iRacing

BMW Motorsport – BMW M6 GT3 – Assetto Corsa Competitizone

Sean Gibbons 2020 Porsche Cayman GT3 Livery – iRacing

Paul Nemschoff Porsche Cayman GT3 livery – iRacing

Rebel Rock Racing – BMW M8 GT3 – iRacing

The Race eSports series.

Following my work with World’s Fastest Gamer on their in-game liveries last year, I’ve been brought onto The Race eSports race series to assist with various art including assisting on some of the livery designs and creating many helmet skins with top sim-racing skin designer Max Eru.

I’m also involved with infographics for the series(entry lists, time zone maps etc), vector illustrations of the legend cars such as the McLaren M23 and Spotter Guide for the legend cars.