Ken Block’s Ford F-150 ‘Hoonitruck’

One of the best kept secret’s on the net! Earlier today, Ken Block showed off his new GYMKHANA TEN toy, the Ford F150 Hoonitruck.

This is not an ordinary 70’s Ford F150.

I was commissioned to style the vehicle (not the livery though) at the end of 2016, working with a brief and feedback from the Hoonigan team.

This was to follow my previous design, the RTR Mustang ‘Hoonicorn’, a build which Top Gear’s Chris Harris stated “Its a stunning set of aesthetics, a stunning piece of engineering and possibly the coolest Mustang… ever built”. You can read more about this Mustang here.

The Hoonitruck follows the same bonkers direction with the vehicle sitting on a new chassis from Detroit Speed, who also built the truck.

The truck features a re-worked Ford GT engine and all-wheel-drive putting out over 900hp. The truck will be at SEMA and also feature in the GYMKHANA TEN video which is released in December. You can also download a DLC pack in Forza of this car.

Here is a teaser of one of the styling sketches, near the end of the project.